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Everything You Need To Know About Professional Movers in Adelaide

Are you relocating from Adelaide anytime soon? If ‘Yes’, we must say relocating is such a hassling task, isn’t it? From furniture to electronics to your important documents, you cannot afford to miss out on anything, right? But when you are doing it alone there are high chances that things wouldn’t fall in place all the time and a slight slip in attention can cost you thousands. But not anymore! If you are taking the help of professional movers, they will make sure you have an effortless moving experience.

Let’s find out how professional movers in Adelaide works.

Pre-Moving Consultation

The first step in the process of hiring professional movers is a pre-moving consultation. This step will help you find out how the moving team plans to execute the task. Most movers in Adelaide offer a pre-moving consultation to find out your preferred date, understand the type of belongings you have, categorize them based on delicates and then plan the moving trip.

This entire action determines the preparatory plan for packing, storing, transportation, special requirements (if you have pets or fragile items), insurance, etc. They also keep a track of your belongings from the beginning to the end.

Learning About Your Destination

The next important thing that the moving company should ask from you is the destination you are shifting to. In fact, it is an important step to determine the cost of moving. Here it should be noted that moving services will vary depending upon distance and time.

Suppose, you are relocating within the city, charges will be very less as compared to interstate or intercountry moving. If you are opting for air transport, charges are comparatively higher than road transport. So, in order to ensure your moving is hassle-free choose professional movers in Adelaide who are well connected in your moving location.

The Packing Day Plan

The moving companies have an organized system of working. They will schedule a packing day to complete packing your belongings. If possible make yourself an active participant on the day helping the packing team understand what goes inside each box.

Ensure that you are aware of the entire process regarding where your important items are, how they are being packed, how you can access them at times of emergency, etc. Be sure to set aside clothing, toiletries, and other essential items. Inform the moving supervisor to keep these things unpacked.

Color Locators for Your Packages

Out of all the packages keeping a track of which package has what is very difficult. However, there is a trick that you can ask for from your movers in Adelaide. It is the color locator system. This means the packers will use colored stickers on the cartoons to make the identification easier. You may also ask for stickers of a particular color for your belongings in each room.

Inventory Sheet of the Packed Boxes

While the packing is in process, there will be a moving supervisor who will take note of all the items that are being packed, their boxes, color coding, and prepare an inventory sheet. This sheet will give you all the information and details of the items packed and help you identify a particular box while unboxing in your new location.

The Protection They Offer During Transport

Transportation mishaps are quite common. Certain mishaps happen or might happen during transit. Your mover professionals should be aware of all of them and should be able to give you a clear solution in terms of the same. Most movers in Adelaide offer 100% transit insurance in order to keep your items safe and protected.

While you are consulting with the movers about your moving feel free to ask them about the terms and conditions of the insurance. Also, read the insurance coverage documents carefully before signing on its terms and conditions before packing is done. 

Track Your Shipment Online

You cannot travel along with the packages. Neither can you keep worrying about where your packages have reached? However, when you hire a professional company, you will always remain informed about the package destination. Moving companies offer online tracking facilities for your shipment which you can use to check your shipment location in real-time using a smartphone or computer. 

Quality Management Program

Professional movers make sure your belongings are handled with utmost care. While you are hiring them ask them about their commitment to quality and how they uphold their standards. Experienced movers implement their knowledge gained over the years of service in the field and offer high-quality services compared to others. 

Receiving Your Shipments

It is likely that the local movers in your preferred location will know about your shipments. So, make sure after reaching your relocating location you contact the local movers. If you are working with a single moving company, they will take charge of the whole process from packing to unpacking. Avoid involving third-party movers. 

Cleaning All the Clutter

When you take help from professional movers in Adelaide, they will offer cleaning in your old and new space. They adopt different quality cleaning methods maintaining all COVID-19 protocols after you leave your old space and also before you move into your new home.  

If you are relocating with your family, there are a lot more things you need to be concerned about. In that case, you can entrust your moving needs to professional movers.

No matter how big or small your relocating needs are professional movers customize service as per your requirements. They take care of your belongings and ensure utmost safety while transporting them to your desired location.  Make sure you opt for a consultation service before booking a moving service.


Relocating is a hectic task. But it can be made easy with the help of professional movers. Amtar Removalist is one of the renowned movers in Melbourne having quality experience in packing and moving house, office, furniture removals, interstate removals, packing and moving services, etc.  They also provide cleaning services. If you are looking for movers in Adelaide or any other place in Australia, they are worth a trial!

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