Amtar Removalist

Terms & Conditions

Our hourly price starts when we reach to your doorstep and the payment is done at your destination after completion the job.

Time assumed control over a hour is charged in 30 minute additions.

We are not charging Fuel cost to clients as per travel between two spots where from or to moving stuff.

Extra time taken by the client to make the payment after occupation culmination will be charged doubled the hourly rate on which the activity has been reserved.

All hourly jobs acquire at least 2 hour charge once the removalists land at the pickup address and the time is running till the total payment has been settled.

Our 2 hours minimum job price is not applied on the jobs which are already fixed with specific charges.

At the time of move, if we found that the information about the job is given by the customer at the time of booking does not match with the actual information, in that situation customer is liable to pay extra charges to recover our cost of labour and fuel etc…

Safety is our prime concern,our team reserve the right to deny the evacuations and moving if the movers considers not protected or for some other reasons at all.

We attempt our best to fit in all stuff in one trip in the vehicle chose at the season of the booking, however on the off chance that extra trip is required to finish the moving, the client is at risk to pay for the hourly charges for the all time taken by the job from origin to destination.

All our prices are inclusive GST.

This is customer’s responsibility to give correct information regard moving stuff.If there is more stuff than information provided,customer will be liable to pay extra amount for that.It can be discuss at the time of job.

We can drop the booking at any time if the client isn’t happy to collaborate or have a supposition that the client probably won’t pay and booking charges will not refundable in that situation.

Amtar team has the rights to choose the sensible route of movement for moving among pickup and drop off addresses.

All toll prices $30 per toll will pay by the customer if the toll route will recommend by customer.We do not use toll roads except recommended by the customer.

This is customer’s responsibility to arrange a suitable parking place at pick up and drop off point for the vehicle ordered by customer.

All parking infringements are must pay by customer at the end of the job in cash.

All other parking charges must paid by customer at pick up and drop off point.

Return charges will apply on long distance jobs.

Extra charges may apply for specific things when products are to be arranged off at the recycle’s or junk tip.

Reliability is our motive but arranged times can be change  because of conditions outside our ability to control.

We charge minimum $35 for a single item to move within a suburb which contains maximum weigh 15-20 maximum and not bigger than 2ft x 2ft.

booking charges will not refundable if customer cancel the out f our time limitations.

Payment policy

Customer is liable to pay all payments at completion of the job at drop off point.

payments can be pay by cash or card.The payments done by card will include 10% of GST and 2% surcharge.Surcharge will not apply on cash payments.

It is the client’s duty to guarantee satisfactory assets are accessible in there cards or money in hands before the activity has been finished, to keep away from extra hourly charges.

All Toll and infringement payments pay by customer at completion of job in cash.

We have the right to request payments, before we empty the stuff from the truck if the client neglects to collaborate with the removalists.

In case of non payment for our services, we reserve the right to seize some of the goods delivered.In case of seizure of goods due to non-payment or dispute, storage charges would be applicable.

In the event of non payments of exceptional sum by the due date, we maintain all authority to sell all items to recoup expenses of our administrations, following 14 days from the date of the move.

Every single late payment will be charged at $20 every day from the day by the date of the move.

If there should be an occurrence of non-payments, obligation gathering methodology will be pursued. The client will be at risk to pay extra 25% of the sum to be recouped, charged by the obligation gathering organization.

All payments will be PREPAID after 5 PM for all continuing and start jobs.

*In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs.

Cancellation policy

In any situation the job been cancelled or any changes for the job,customer must let us know before 48 hours. Failure with time bond booking fees will non-refundable.

If our movers arrived at the pick up point and job been cancelled there is 2 hours minimum charges will apply at same time which customer must pay us by cash or card.

If the job cancellation from our company team due to safety reasons customer must pay 2 hours minimum charges to us.