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Mistakes I Learnt To Avoid While Moving My Stuff

Last year I had to relocate because of my job. Though the pandemic was still on, my office wanted me to take over their new setup in Sydney as a Software Engineer. Even though we were allowed to work from home, still there were days when we had to report to the office.

Relocating at that time was such a pain. Here in this article, I am going to pen down my experiences as I moved my stuff from Melbourne to Sydney. My article will give you highlights to the mistakes I and perhaps every beginner makes. 

Looking around for transport

First things first, I thought of starting to move my stuff by hiring a local transport service. Now, this is an unorganized sector. The challenge was they were charging huge and they weren’t able to give me any specific date within a week because it seemed they were all booked with shipment transports.

The one or two companies that agreed to give me a quick date either asked for a lump sum amount or didn’t know the route well. Additionally, they weren’t even offering insurance for my stuff. So, I thought of taking it to the house removal service providers. 

Visiting movers physically

Initially, I wasn’t aware which moving company offers the best of services so I wasted a lot of time physically visiting the moving companies located nearby. Those were not turning fruitful enough. Somebody suggested me to invest more time looking for them online and I thought it was the best advice ever. There were so many companies that have their websites online. 

Certain companies kept calling me back. It is particularly not a good idea to hire companies that contact you or keep calling you because they are likely to charge more.

You are free to shop around. Take as much time as you want to complete your research. Go through their website, check reviews, testimonials, and details of services before hiring. 

Find the best quote

The next thing you need to know is the charge you need to pay for the service. I got so many quotes that were way more than what it should have been. In the process, I learned to avoid over-the-phone quotes.  So, I asked them to survey before they move my stuff.

This gave them a fair idea of what I had, the number of delicate or fragile items, etc. Also when they survey your place it is likely that the quote is most accurate. Be sure the quote you received is unambiguous.

Keep your emotions in check

If you are moving out in an emergency it is likely you are going to take a decision in a haste. This is when things can go wrong. Thus, in order to avoid mistakes do take out some time to consult your case with a moving company. They will schedule your task and take care of your essential items. They will also guide you with tips on how you can handle things in an emergency. 

Pick your moving date

The next thing you should do is schedule your moving date. If you do not schedule a date, there will be a lot of time waste alongwith your hard-earned money. Think carefully about a date you want to move your stuff. I moved my stuff right before the day I myself started the journey.

I reached the next day and my shipments the following day. It was a careful decision as I wanted to be there when my things arrived. So, I think my stuff reached just on time.

Managing your finances

Keep an eye on how the moving team manages your investment. Take note of every cost that is involved. This will help you stick to your budget. Do not waste your finances on unnecessary expenses.

How to choose a moving company?

If you are in the need to relocate your home or office anytime soon it is feasible to choose a professional moving company. In my personal experience to move my stuff from Melbourne to Sydney, I had a pleasant experience. Let me tell you how to find the best movers:

  • Taking help from the internet – There are several options on the internet that you may find of local and remove movers. Check their website for authenticity, read reviews and testimonials of existing customers before hiring.
  • Seeking recommendations -There might be good providers from whom your acquaintances have opted for similar services. You may also seek recommendations from your friends, family, and acquaintances to find a reliable partner they have already worked with. 
  • Asking for a one-to-one consultation – Narrow down your search by booking an appointment for a consultation. This will help them know and categorize your items on the basis of delicate items. Let them survey your place so that they can give you quotes based on their inference. Feel free to ask them if they offer cleaning services on your premises after carrying out packing and moving. 
  • Comparing quotes – After you have got a few quotes you can take your time to compare quotes. Make sure you choose the right blend of services along with the best prices. Avoid companies that keep offering you quote over the phone. Additionally, do not compromise on services just for a few bucks. 
  • Getting the packing done right – Do schedule a packing day in advance. Be there to guide the moving team with your preferences. You can also ask for color coding for your packages. Ask them to mark fragile items separately. Keep a copy of the inventory sheet so as to make your identification easy while unpacking.

These simple tips mentioned above will help you get in touch with a professional mover easily. Do follow the above pointers to make your relocating needs a seamless process.

Summary– Amtar Removalist is a house and office removals company based in Melbourne, Australia. If you are looking for quality removals for your house and office stuff you can get in touch with them.

This company also offers cleaning services within your budget. So, you can hire them for cleaning, packing, moving and your unpacking needs whenever you are relocating locally or interstate.

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