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Tips To Hire The Best Movers Melbourne

With millions of people moving every year, several companies have mushroomed to help you go smoothly, without any issues. But even they have some scams or follow shoddy practices to complete the task without any stress. 

If you’re looking for a trusted moving company, here’s a checklist to keep in mind for hiring the best movers Melbourne.

Don’t Forget To Get A Written Estimate

Getting an estimate from the movers in Melbourne is easy, but you’ll be shocked to see how the price rises after the additional and incidental costs. Therefore, you need to get a written quote for the final estimate from the movers. 

With the incidental and additional costs, the calculated price may go up by at least 15%. So have a written calculation taking into consideration every factor to have fewer incidental costs added in the end. 

License and Insurance 

Most moving companies have large trucks for transporting clients’ belongings and their team needs to have a commercial driver’s license. 

The movers will load the trucks with all your belongings which are expensive and have sentimental value, so ensure they are licensed and insured to do business. It is unlikely that you’ll face any challenges or be left with any broken items with insured movers. 

Though you can call a couple of guys from the street, it’s risky and can destroy your TV or couch. So it makes sense to hire someone with professional knowledge to handle your possessions. 

Go Through Reviews And Testimonials 

Since all the businesses are online and can be easily found with a few clicks, it is a good idea to do a background check online before hiring any movers Melbourne. Also, read the testimonials of the customers with the positive and negative reviews on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 

Spend some time researching movers in Melbourne will save you from a lot of unnecessary issues faced by customers. 


Though it is not a bad idea to hire a new moving company, it is a wise decision to engage with the best removalist in Melbourne. It is the experience that makes them more efficient in moving the products without damaging them in transit. Moreover, experienced movers get the job done faster and more efficiently without any breakage and make things easy to find as compared to the movers who are new in the field. 

They’ll also use inventory software to keep track of where the belongings have been placed and will strategically unpack things to prevent lost items. 

Get References 

You can get references from family and friends or ask local associations for references to hire the best movers Melbourne. People around you are unlikely to recommend services that fell below their expectations and their experience will give a fair idea of the service. 

Or ask the movers for customer references and if they are ready to give the list of clients, you should hire them. 

Responsive and Transparent Service

If you’ve any questions regarding pricing or moving prior to the move, they shouldn’t be overlooked. An experienced and professional mover will address all your queries while some wouldn’t care much. The experts will give all the information without any charge and advice to reduce the time spent during the move to help customers save money. 

Also, see how they respond to your query, as they might have the same approach to work. 

They’ll give you transparent costs without any hidden fees that will help you better plan your move and maintain healthy finances while some movers may see it as an opportunity to make more money. 

Any responsive and flexible movers will answer all your queries and promptly guide you in making the moving job as smooth as possible. 


These are some factors you need to consider for hiring the best movers Melbourne. And your selection will determine whether your moving experience will be positive or negative. 

If you don’t have several movers under your belt, hire Amtar Removalist to ensure the professionals use the smart strategies to pack and deliver your stuff in the right way. They’ll use updated technology and state-of-the-art tools for the delivery of the work without any inconvenience.